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Our $149.00 Yoga Coach Package Includes:

  • One Month of UNLIMITED Yoga
  • 90-Minute Coaching Session
  • Complimentary Sauna Session

The Yoga Coach program is designed for students who want a more personal introduction to yoga. As your Yoga Coach, I’ll meet with you for a 90-minute introductory session to discuss yoga and how it can benefit you. In a small classroom environment with no more than two or three students, we will talk about the basics of yoga, fundamental yoga postures, what to expect during classes, and what to bring to your first class. In this environment, dialogue is open and questions are encouraged. In this meeting we will discuss your yoga goals, a recommended schedule, and how yoga can best be applied to your health. When you leave the session, you’ll have the confidence to attend your first class knowing what to expect and what to do!

I believe one’s health not only encompasses the physical aspect, but emotional, mental, social, and spiritual aspects as well. I will explain how yoga helps change people at every level. As your Yoga Coach, I offer 15 years of yoga experience, as well as a masters degree in health psychology to assist you in best applying yoga benefits to your life. I will follow up with you throughout your first month and answer any questions you may have.

Yoga Coach is your first step to Yoga Success!

Contact Stacy Rierson to schedule and start your Yoga Coach journey! You can reach Stacy by calling Sapphire Yoga at 608-665-9000, or emailing her and asking about the Yoga Coach program!

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