Class Schedule

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Fall Class Schedule (September 3rd – December 2nd) 


8:30 am Fusion w/Andrea
9:35 am Issues in the Tissues (45 mins.) w/Andrea
3:45 pm Gentle Yoga w/Andrea
5:30 pm Hot Yoga Express w/Kerry & Lisa alternating weeks


8:30 am Maintenance Hour
4:15 pm Hip Pre-Hab 3 Week Series (9/4-9/18) *Pre-registration is REQUIRED 

4:15 pm Maintenance Hour (9/25-11/27)

5:30 pm Fusion &
6:35 pm Issues in the Tissues (30 mins.) w/Andrea


5:30 am Sunrise Yoga (45 mins.) w/Alyssa & Betsy alternating weeks

4:15 pm Gentle Yoga w/Andrea
5:30 pm Yoga Barre w/Andrea *Pre-registration is REQUIRED


8:30 am Flow w/Peg
5:30 pm Core Power w/Alyssa (different class time & format)
6:45 pm Yinyasa w/Alyssa


8:30 am Fusion w/Valerie


7:00 am Flow w/Peg & Alyssa alternating weeks


8:30 am Flow w/Nichole
5:00 pm Yoga Barre w/Alyssa (different class time & format) *Pre-registration is REQUIRED
6:15 pm Yin & Guided Meditation w/Alyssa


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